Specialization in IT

  • Software Engineers: They design programs and specialized packages for the required purposes. There work even involves research and development.
  • Web developers: They are electronics and computer engineers who are engaged in developing websites for the Internet.
  • System analysts: They look after the work of final testing of the software and advising the clients on the purchase and installation of the computer systems. They also are responsible for researching the organizational procedures and planning their computerization.
  • Consultants: They provide expert guidance to the companies during the purchase of the computer system. System analyst or designers with considerable amount of experience can work as consultants.
  • Technical writers: they are involved in writing manuals for computers.
  • E-commerce: They are adept in the net-com business, e-commerce fundamentals and its security issues and assist in developing websites for commercial purposes.
  • Knowledge engineers: They are expert in designing of the computer systems, which are associated with a human expert, like medical diagnosis or safety systems for industry.
  • Webmasters: They handle the task of configuration and setting up of the websites and its development. They have to take care of the security of the websites and create firewalls against the hackers and stalkers.
  • Networking: This work involves designing of networks, implementation of support, servicing and management.
  • Computer education: This job involves giving training to the end users, students or computer professionals in advanced technologies.
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